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Program Overview

PIT Instruction & Training (PIT) originally began as a sports performance training facility in 2001, focused primarily on helping athletes physically learn and improve for NASCAR pit crew performance. Over the years as more and more athletes learned of NASCAR's need for trained pit crews, traditional sports athletes transitioning from their primary sport began entering our program. In order to match these athlete's prior training experiences and expectations, PIT built a state-of-the-art facility and developed a brand of training comparable to the university and professional teams from which our athletes arrived.
PIT now introduces PIT Fit,  a program designed to address any training goal, whether it be athletic, individual fitness or company health and wellness.
Years of training knowledge provided by a trusted source of athletic improvement, PIT Fit's trained and certified staff will insure your personal or team's goals are achieved.

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Program Offerings

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A personal online program updated weekly and designed exclusively to meet your personal goals


Group fitness interval based training for those who like to share in the suffering


Training programs designed for the competitive athlete in every sport seeking power speed and performance


Programs and consultations for companies seeking employee health benefits and ergonomic movement plans for work safety

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