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Member Highlights May 26, 2021

In our 1st installment of PIT Fit profiles we feature Paul Steele from Wichita , Kansas. Paul arrived at PIT almost 2 years ago as an 18 year old, and will be pitting for Joe Gibbs racing this coming 2021 season. A seasoned pit crew member of PCU class 128, Paul has served as a Jackman/Carrier in both trucks and cup series races while at PIT with the 68 Clay Greenfield team and the 95 and 96 cup cars of Christopher Bell and Daniel Suarez.

Paul was also a student of PIT’s, Pit Weld U program and is currently a full time welder at Billy Boat. It looks like a bright future ahead for a great young man.


Congratulations Paul for your success at PIT!!

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