Welder Qualification Testing

PIT Instruction & Training, LLC (PIT) is an American Welding Society (AWS) Accredited Testing Facility, providing welder qualification testing.  Offering welder qualification testing and AWS Certified Welder testing places PIT in an elite institutional category by being one of only 150 locations nationwide, and one of only a few in North Carolina able to certify welders.
AWS Welder Certification Testing at PIT is designed for individuals who wish to obtain certification under specific American Welding Society code, thus adding to their credibility as a professional welder and help advance their welding career.  Testing dates are scheduled monthly at PIT Instruction & Training for those who wish to achieve their AWS DX.X certification.  Please contact Trent Schanen using the contact information below for those dates and times. AWS Certification testing is available to anyone who already has training and experience as a welder, as well as graduates of PIT’s well regarded Pit Weld U Powered by Miller Welders welding courses.
In addition, companies who wish to certify or maintain certification for their staff can do so at PIT.  This can include current staff members in need of certification or potential new-hires that are required to certify to gain employment. PIT can also help establish a fully customized program to fit your company's specific needs; like onsite testing to reduce employee downtime, customized training programs and more.
For additional information about PIT’s welder qualification testing, please contact:
Trent Schanen at:
704-799-3869 ext. 115

AWS Certified Welder Testing Pricelist


Welder Qualification Tests

AWS Certification Practice Class                          =  $325.00

AWS Certification Test, Single Position Plate*      =  $450.00

AWS Certification Test, Single Position Pipe**      =  $550.00

AWS Certification Test, Multiple Position Plate*    =  $750.00

AWS Certification Test, Plate Retest***                 =  $300.00 or half of original test cost, whichever is greater.

AWS Certification Test, Pipe Retest***                  =  $400.00 or half of original test cost, whichever is greater.

AWS Certification Test, Specialty Codes/Metals****  Varies

*            D1.1 Plate = 3/8” plate with or without backing, D1.3 Plate = 1/8” plate with or without backing

**          2” or 6” Schedule 80 Carbon Steel Pipe Test, with or without backing

***         Retests must be scheduled and completed within six (6) months of original testing date.  Not all tests qualify.

****       Contact PIT to inquire about pricing for specialty code and/or metal testing and availability.

AWS Cert. Welder Test Application

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