Welding Workshops

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PIT offers both two-day and week-long welding workshops that are perfect for the self-designated hobbyist or do-it-yourselfer.  Held at PIT’s welding shop at 133 Byers Creek Rd, Suite C, Mooresville, NC, we strive to offer an option that fits your needs.


Two-Day Workshops:  Each program is designed for those who wish to learn the techniques and intricacies of the specific welding process (MIG, TIG, etc.) in various different applications. Participants will have significant hands-on time with top-notch welding equipment and pre-cut practice materials. Instruction from PIT’s Pit Weld U instructors will ensure that those taking part in the workshop will get the most out of their time.  Participants can expect to leave with the confidence and ability to produce basic welds in their garage or shop.  For specific workshop details and registration information, see below.

Week-Long Workshops:  PIT’s week-long workshops are perfect for the entry level welder/hobbyist with a desire to take their skillset to a level beyond the two-day events.  Each workshop focuses on a specific welding process(es) in various applications.  Whereas our two-day weekend workshop participants share a welding booth with a partner, those taking part in our week-long events have their own booth, allowing for additional hands-on time to perfect their techniques.  Upon completion of the workshop, participants can expect to be confident in their abilities to produce quality welds in their garage or shop.  For specific workshop details and registration information, see below.

Two-Day Workshop Details:

Cost:  $295 - $395/person (Level II TIG Workshop is $395/person, all others are $295/person)

Times:  8am - 5pm on Saturday, 8am - 3pm on Sunday

Workshop Capacity:  20 participant maximum

Meals:  One hour will be provided for lunch each day, with refreshments provided for attendees.

MIG Welding Workshop

Dates:  April 17-18, 2021 and July 24-25, 2021

Description:  PIT’s 2-day MIG Welding Workshop is the ideal family outing!  Designed for the do-it-yourself individual/family who’d like to learn the basics of the MIG welding process, participants will learn about welder setup and components, welding techniques and more.  Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to build useful take-home projects themselves as part of the experience. The fee for participants under 18 years of age is only $100 when accompanied by a participating family member/guardian at the workshop. If you are interested in this option, please use the "FAMILYWELD" coupon code upon checkout.

NEW MIG Welding Workshop for Women set for June 5-6, 2021!  PIT’s 2-day MIG Welding Workshop for Women is ideal for those looking to have a fun girls outing while learning a trade.  Learn to spot weld, and other techniques associated with making jewelry and metal art!  The cost is $295/person and like our other MIG Welding Workshops, moms, and daughters (or other family members) can use the coupon code "FAMILYWELD" upon checkout to register their loved one 18 years of age or younger for only $100.  Participants will build a hinged box to take home.


Intro to TIG Welding Workshop (Level I)

Dates:  January 30-31, 2021 and September 11-12, 2021

Description:  PIT’s 2-day Intro to TIG Welding Workshop is designed for the entry level welder or hobbyist. Held in collaboration with Mike Furick of Furick Cup/DOG Fabrication, the course focuses on the basic science behind TIG welding, machine setup and operation and proper welding techniques. Participants will learn to weld butt joints, lap joints and t-joints on steel and aluminum applications.

TIG Welding Workshop (Level II)

Dates:  November 6-7, 2021

Description:  PIT’s 2-day TIG Welding Workshop is perfect for the hobbyist with some prior welding experience or individual who's taken our Intro to TIG Workshop. Designed to take their skillset to the next level, the workshop focuses steel and aluminum sheet and tubing and groove and fillet welds, as well as different types of joints.  Topics discussed will also include the importance of back-purging with stainless steel applications, along with proper techniques on unique applications - exhaust, thin wall steel/sheet metal and more.  This workshop is limited to twelve (12) participants, with a cost of $395/person.  Registration will open soon for this event - if you'd like to be added to the waitlist, contact Trent Schanen at trent.schanen@visitpit.com.

Week-Long Workshop Details:

Cost:  $995/person

Times:  8am - 4pm

Workshop Capacity:  12 participant maximum

Meals:  One hour will be provided for lunch each day, with refreshments provided for attendees.

MIG/TIG Welding Combo Workshop

Dates:  June 14-18, 2021

Description:  Designed for the entry level welder who like to learn the basics of the common welding processes, each person will be assigned their own welding booth with equipment during the workshop.  Participants will spend two days learning the MIG welding process and three days learning the TIG welding process on steel and aluminum applications.  Instructors will also cover machine setup and operation, welder components and more during the week-long workshop. 

TIG Welding Workshop

Dates:  August 16-20, 2021

Description:  Perfect for the hobbyist/do-it-yourselfer, this week-long workshop essentially builds upon the training provided during our two-day Intro to TIG Welding workshops and the week-long MIG/TIG combo workshop to be held in August 2021.  With the workshop limited to 12 participants, each person will be assigned their own welding booth and equipment, allowing for more hands-on time to perfect their welding techniques.  The workshop will be split evenly between steel and aluminum applications, and various types of weld joints.  Instructors will also cover machine setup and operation, welder components and more during the week-long workshop.

Additional Information


What to Bring: 


Participants are required to provide their own personal protective equipment (PPE) – including welding helmet, welding jacket or sleeves, long pants and close-toed shoes (no athletic attire permitted), safety glasses and ear plugs.  Welding bundles are available for purchase below, or you may bring your own.  Orders from our online store must be placed at least three weeks in advance of your workshop date to guarantee availability.


Simply complete and submit the online registration form with your payment.  Seats are filled on a first-come, first serve basis.  Participants must be 14 years old to take part.  Participants who are under 16 are only allowed to participate with a parent/guardian who has also registered.


​​Where to Stay: 


Coming in from out-of-town?  A block of rooms is reserved at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites at a discounted rate of $89/night.  Book online using the provided link below or contact the hotel directly and mention that you’re in town for PIT’s Welding Workshop to receive the discounted rate during your stay.  Reservations must be received by three weeks prior to the workshop date to guarantee rate and availability.


Hotel Info:         Holiday Inn Express & Suites

                           130 Norman Station Blvd

                           Mooresville, NC 28117


Welding Gear:

We offer various welding bundles available for purchase through our partners at SRI Performance and Fronius, USA.  All gear purchases must be made at least three weeks prior to your event to guarantee availability.  Unless otherwise specified, the gear will be available for pickup at PIT on or before the first day of your workshop/class.