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PIT CREW U - 08/26/24 - 010/16/24

PCU 162

Service Description

Pit Crew U Payment Options: Pit Crew U Full Payment - $500 Non-refundable Application Fee + $2050 = Total $2550 Pit Crew U Payment Plan - $500 Non-refundable Application Fee + $1000 before first night of class + $175 per week for the next 7 weeks = Total $2725 Pit Crew U is an experiential education division of PIT Instruction & Training, LLC designed to teach the specific skills associated with a career as an over-the-wall pit crew team member in stock car motorsports. Pit Crew U is conducted on Monday and Wednesday for eight (8) weeks. Evening classes (5pm - 8pm) are regularly scheduled while morning (9am - 12pm) and afternoon (2pm - 5pm) classes are available based on enrollment request. While there are no prerequisites for enrollment other than age (participants must be at least 16 years old), Pit Crew U is designed for those who seek professional employment in the motorsports industry. The program is both physically and mentally challenging. Persons who successfully complete the program have both the knowledge and the skills to actually perform and put to action the concepts.

    Contact Details

    • 156 Byers Creek Road, Mooresville, NC, USA

      + 704-799-3869

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