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PIT Fit Online - Level 2 Program

PIT Fit Online - Level 2 Program

Level 2 Online exercise planning for the highly motivated indiviual with available equipment.


Individualized Online Strength & Conditioning Programs with coaching feedback and accessible through a smart phone or tablet that can be performed in the privacy of your home.


Injury prevention is always incorporated into these programs and clients or athletes can substitute exercises based on personal preference or equipment availability. 


Coaches will customize programs for athletes and fitness enthusiasts to meet their specific goals and to utilize the client's available equipment. 


If clients have questions about programs, coaches will follow up weekly, and can continually modify program as needed.

$125 Reoccurring Monthly Draft.


Cancel at any time before next payment draft

  • Recurring Monthly Subscription

    Monthly membership dues will be auto drafted until canceled by the Pit Fit member. Cancelation at any time is permitted, however once monthly payment is drafted no refunds for that month are available. Always cancel before your renew date (the calendar day of you original purchase  e.g. purchased of the 10th the renew will be the 10th of every month you are an active member).

Price Options
PIT Fit Online
Level 2
$125.00every month until canceled
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