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Lean Performance U.  Serious Fun!

What if Your Business Operated Like a Motorsports Pit Crew?

Did you know a NASCAR® Cup Series championship can sometimes boil down to a single second lost or gained during a pit stop? Everything rests upon the pit crew’s ability to perform under pressure lightning fast and perfectly … every single time.

Imagine how efficient your business would be if it operated like a motorsports pit crew? What if you could learn concepts to improve performance efficiency more than 200%? What if you found a program that could teach you how to relate the concepts of the pit crew back to your business?

Look at Lean Work Modes in a Novel Way

Lean Performance U, taught at the Performance Instruction & Training (PIT) facility deep in NASCAR country, does just that. The program challenges participants to look at lean work modes in a way that is entertaining and easy to understand. Instructors use real life examples provided by the pit stop experience—a highly planned and scheduled team-based event that is analyzed to evaluate performance and make modifications for continuous improvement.

Pit Crew Activities to Drive Home Concepts of Continuous Improvement

Lean Performance U leverages a combination of classroom presentations, discussion and actual pit crew activities to drive home the concepts of continuous improvement, efficiency, preparation and team building, while addressing such topics as communication, role responsibility, creative thinking and work performance.

What to Expect

You’ll start your day with an orientation to high performance motorsports, followed by an activity when you become a pit crew member. During this time, you’ll experience the challenges applicable to multiple industries: increase output and quality while simultaneously decreasing cost and time.

You’ll also learn about some of the lean concepts such as the 8 wastes, 5S, visual controls and standard work. Plus, you will tour an actual race shop (JR Motorsports) to see lean principles in action.

Later, you become the “coach” and watch and evaluate video of your own pit stop performance. And finally, you’ll learn how to apply these lean principles in your business to improve production, decrease time, reduce work-in process inventory, improve quality, reduce floor space and increase profit.


The lean team from NC State Industry Expansion Solutions facilitates the lean presentations and discussions. Senior level staff of PIT Instruction and Training facilitates the motorsports presentation and activity while professional pit crew members coach the teams.

Benefits of Participating


  • Learn and understand the elements of lean to improve business operations

  • Understand value-added and non-value-added activities and how the focus on non-value add can steer your course towards lean improvement

  • Behave like a pit crew under pressure, apply lean principles and observe your impact on performance

  • Discover the importance of developing a lean culture in your organization


Who Should Participate


Whether you are a new employee or an executive—all personnel levels of the organization are welcome. Individuals who seek a unique perspective on introducing or re-implementing a lean initiative and team building are encouraged to register

Lean Performance U  Date:

8:00 a.m.–4:30 p.m.

8 AM Greeting and Orientation


8:30: Lean Performance U. Presentation


10:40: JR Motorsports Shop Tour




12:40 PM: Safety Briefing, Team Selection-Coach Introductions


1:05: PIT Stop Experience

3:30 Photos and Pit Stop Completions


3:45; NC State Closing Comments and Take Aways


4:30 Depart PIT

$675 per participant







or call



Toni will help you enroll.

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