2018 Xfinity Series  

Working PIT Grads = 63

Jacob Nelson, April Stephens 

Josh Shipplett, Josh Leslie, Kyle Coolidge, Jeff Cordero, Brian Eastland, Ryan Martin, Adam Hartman, Steven Tautges

Beau Whitley, Adam Deem

Kellen Mills, Stephen Sokol, Nate House, Michael Johnson

Sheldon Martin, Ryan Painter, Josh Pech, Brian Jacobsen, Steven Frymer, Scott Barnette, Kevin Kramzer

Jon Gurley, Terry Spalding, Sam Abney, Matt Humphries, Lou Tomarchio

Brandon Harder, Kevin Novak, Nick O'Dell, Chad Avrit, David Mayo

Isaiah Droud

Chris Carrington, Thomas Machek, Cory Baldwin

Wes McPherson

Aaron Fletcher, Michael Martz

Kenyatta Houston, Ben Fetzer, Bronson Butcher

Michael Morneau, Ryan Mulder, Daniel Smith

James Houk, Josh Frankos, Justin Feidler

Jesse Mills, Billy McKinley, Tyler Mitchell, Dwayne Ogles, Travis Johnson

Sam Malone, Josh Martin

Lloyd Ramey, Cory Selig

Matt Ross, Martin Coberly

 * NOTE: If you are a PIT graduate and do not see your name listed, please contact us so we can update our records. We do our best to keep up with you, but we like nothing better than to see or talk to our grads in person.

 ** NOTE: These rosters are subject to change