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PWU 400 - 10/24/23 - 12/14/23

Service Description

Pit Weld U 400 Payment Options: PWU Full Payment - $700 Non-refundable Application Fee + $2990 = Total $3690 Pit Weld U – 400 covers the knowledge and skills that apply to welding pipe. Topics include pipe positions, joint geometry, and preparation with emphasis placed on bead application, profile, and discontinuities. Upon completion, students should be able to perform welds using the Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) process to applicable codes on carbon steel pipe with prescribed electrodes in various positions. Students will utilize the SMAW welding process, oxy-acetylene torch and horizontal band saw cutting systems covered in the Pit Weld U – 200 curricula. Pit Weld U–200 is a pre-requisite for this class, however applicants may test-out of the Pit Weld U-200 course via successful completion of a weld proficiency test on carbon steel plate. The course will initially be limited to six (6) students and includes 96 hours of shop and classroom time taking place on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday afternoons from 12:30pm – 4:30pm over an eight (8) week period.

Contact Details

+ 704-799-3869

156 Byers Creek Road, Mooresville, NC, USA

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