5 Off 5 On

5 Off 5 On services are available to individuals who have successfully completed the Pit Crew U program. On successful completion, instructors and coaches invite those individuals who have shown the aptitude and ability to pursue a career in stock car motorsports as an over-the-wall crew member.

Participants in the 5 Off 5 On program are required to participate in weekly pit crew practice and conditioning.  5 Off 5 On practice sessions 1_230.jpgare held Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Tuesday practices consist of “skills and drills” to continue to develop better individual performance. Thursday practices often consist of moving pit stops focused on the specific performances required at the race tracks to which teams will be traveling to on an upcoming weekend (example: Bristol pit stops are different than Tallageda pit stops).

PIT associates regularly with team managers, crew chiefs, and pit crew coordinators of many teams to inform them of individuals with exceptional potential. Pit crew coordinators frequent 5 Off 5 On practice sessions to scout talent for current position openings and developmental programs.

Additional opportunities are available to 5 Off 5 On athletes. Many film production companies use 5 Off 5 On athletes as actors for race related movies, music videos, and television commercials.