Team Performance U

pit_1_230 A team building  experience using the concepts of the motorsports pit crew to understand team work and communication in the world of business.

This is your chance to experience one of the most unique team building programs available combining hands-on, experiential learning with interactive classroom sessions and all out fun!  No matter what industry your team’s focus, you will leave with clear action items to make your team better communicators with a renewed sense of achievement, priimg_0446_2301 de, and enthusiasm.

This one-day event begins by hearing from and working with experts in high performance motorsports and team building and learning how team concepts are implemented to create a winning effort at the track.

During the secondlugnuts-sokol_230 part of the day you will experience going "over-the-wall" by performing a series of pit stops using the same cars and  equipment as the pros! And each stop provides another opportunity for learning you can put into action within your team.  After each pit stop, watch video footage of your performance with your team coach, who is also a professionally trained pit crew athlete. Then, end the day with a discussion of your performance with a team building expert to drive the concepts home.