Lean Performance U


For years, businesses from around the country have sent their executives to Performance Instruction & Training (PIT), located deep in the heart of NASCAR country to learn the concepts of lean manufacturing. Businesses have increased productivity by as much as 200% through the application of Lean tools.

A one-of-a-kind combination of classroom presentation, discussion, and actual pit crew activities, drive home vital lean concepts.

Imagine how efficient your business would be if it operated like a motorsports pit crew.  Lean Performance U will teach you how to do just that by relating the concepts of the pit crew back to your business.   The program challenges employees to look at Lean work modes in an entirely new way that is easily understandable

When entering into a Lean transformationimg_0066_2301 within your company, Lean Performance U can jumpstart your efforts and carry employees through Lean learning whether line workers or top executives.  The combination of classroom and hands-on learning utilizes pit stops as scenarios that speak to the challenges within your industry.  The program is fully customizable to your company’s goals and learning needs.

pit-38_2302 Lean Performance U can be conducted at the Performance Instruction & Training campus or on site at your facility.  Hundreds of companies have participated from the computer chip manufacturers at Intel to the ramp supervisors at United Airlines, all with the goals of becoming more effective, efficient, and profitable by adopting the concepts afforded by pit crews.

Whether you are a new employee or an executive– all levels of the corporate ladder are welcome to participate.  Individuals from a wide variety of industries (manufacturing, maintenance, healthcare, management, administrative/office, sales, military) who seek unique perspective on introducing or re-implementing lean initiative and teambuilding are encouraged to register.


  • Learn and understand the elements of lean and how it can improve your operations
  • Understand value-added and non value-added activities, and how the value stream map can charter your course towards lean improvement
  • Participate in a pit crew activity, apply lean principles and observe their impact on performance
  • Discover the importance of developing a lean culture in your organization