Conway Freight - September 2013

1. Hands on Experience was great.
2. Great job linking example to our business.
3. Awesome experience.
4. Hands on training was well planned and executed.
5. Well done. Lean hit a home run.

Biogen - July 2013

1. Great Experience!
2. Loved It!
3. Ryan was awesome! Very knowledgeable and gave shape, concise, clear directions and criticism.
4. Great job. Ben and Coach were awesome. Thank you.
5. This was a great exercise, especially to bond with new team members. Brian was a great coach who let us know our flaws
and congratulated us on our successes.
6. Really enjoyed the unexpected…switching up gear and equip.
7. Awesome experience
8. Thank you for a wonderful team building and learning experience.

Mars Candy - May 2013

1. Clearly a well run organization. Well prepared organized and effective. Fun but tough team building activity. Very evident you take great pride in your organization, your facility and overall work. WELL DONE!!!
2. Good balance of instruction, expertise and great coaching and learning - Thanks
3. Excellent would recommend to others and contract again.
4. Great experience !

“There are so many words to describe yesterday’s event but the first word that comes to mind is… AMAZING!!!  I can’t thank the three of you enough for everything you did for the ExxonMobil guests.  They couldn’t stop raving about the time they spent at PIT and even as a spectator; I haven’t stop talking about the great experience that took place yesterday.  The three of you and the rest of your staff made us all feel welcome upon arrival and went above and beyond throughout the day to make us feel comfortable.  As much as I enjoyed watching the guests participate in their pit stops, I equally enjoyed Ben’s presentation on pit crews, their roles and responsibilities, teamwork, and leadership.  Thank you again for everything!  I look forward to working with you all again in the very near future.”

Amanda Barton
GMR Marketing
Exxon Mobil Pit Crew Challenge

“Our visit to PIT provided valuable insights that we were able to apply immediately to improve our organization. Their approach to innovation, accountability and team work has helped to deliver wins on the track and their program can help any organization in their quest for better results and sustainable competitive advantage.”

Jamey Rootes
Houston Texans NFL Team

“We value our relationship with the entire PIT team.  And we are thrilled with the results that we are achieving as a result of this fabulous training experience.”

Joni Teragawachi
Manager of Worldwide Airport Operations
United Airlines

“Your visit, discussions, and presentation for our annual “Grammy Awards” was not only refreshing, but phenomenal. Furthermore, I never heard a crowd of 650 maintainers get so quiet during a banquet when the guest speaker speaks . . . well done!”

Colonel Robert A. Hopkins
Commander, 20th Fighter Wing Maintenance
Shaw Air Force Base

“Your program was fantastic and it was really well received by the audience.  I talked to a number of people and they could not believe the comparability between the mortgage business and a pit crew.  Outstanding job!”

Donald Frommeyer
Convention Chairman
National Association of Mortgage Brokers

“The PIT training supports all the major principles of Georgia-Pacific . . . the need for everyone to have the necessary skill, commitment, ownership, and teamwork to advance the vision.  Safety, compliance, and efficiency work together and become a result of this focus.  This fosters pride, ownership, and a clear understanding of each person’s individual advantage as part of the team.”

Joe Konkel

“For over two months, we have been preparing for what was arguably the biggest live event in the history of the Alltel.  As good as your planning was, your execution exceeded any and all expectations from GMR, Alltel and everyone in between.  It was an absolute joy working with you and we look forward in working with you in the future.”

Drew Heist
GMR Marketing

“I have to commend you on every aspect of the day - you are a truly world class organization.  Everyone there at PIT was excellent all the way down the line. We are already talking here about the prospect of hosting another event with you later on this year.  You have an outstanding organization. It has been a true honor for us to have worked with you.”

Tom Hammel
Conference Director
MRO Today Magazine

“Thank you and your entire 5 OFF 5 ON team for doing a tremendous job with the ‘Get Ready Orlando’ Pit Stop Challenge.  Because of the great job you did we were able to accomplish just what we wanted by getting the group involved and “warmed up” to hear our message about the facts of the PRI Trade Show experience.  You are a dream to work with and Carole commented to me many times how helpful you were to her during the entire process.  I very much appreciate all that you and your team did to help our event.”

Steve Lewis
PRI Trade Show

“Comcast was entering the Chicago market for the first time and the (race show) car and pit crew (experience) helped to build brand awareness.  Comcast was extremely pleased with the results.  5 OFF 5 ON Race Team Performance has always done a tremendous job and has provided our clients with an exciting turn-key event.”

Laura Case
Director of Special Projects
IMG / Muhleman Marketing Incorporated